Family history continued…
George made large improvements at Noorspoort, such as the homestead, the lands (120 morgen), outbuildings, staff houses and farming infrastructure.
In October 1969 George had the remains of Mary Hayward, wife of the Settler and buried at Orange Grove under the Winterhoek mountains, re-interred in the family graveyard on Noorspoort, next to those of her son George Nathaniel John. George farmed until his death in 1977. George and his wife Hannah are both buried at Noorspoort. George’s eldest daughter inherited Noorspoort and her son, George Craven, commenced farming in 1977.

The stone engraved by J Hayward was taken to the kopje north of the homestead by George Hayward and encased in a protective cement box with a glass top.

George Hayward Craven (1941 - ) still farms at Noorspoort. Like his father and maternal grandfather before him, he too is a product of Stellenbosch University. G N Hayward was in the first group of Victoria College students who moved into the men’s residence Wilgenhof in 1903. Danie Craven was a first year student in Wilgenhof in 1929, George in 1960 and Danie junior in 1985. George also obtained a Ph.D. at Cornell University in the USA and was married to Anna-Marie Duvenage in 1965. They have four children, Danie, Aneria, Hanlie and Le Roux.

Danie Craven senior passed away on 2 January 1983 and Beyera on 8 August 2007. ‘Ave atque vale’ jul wonderlike twee.

Anna-Marie George’s wife is the founder and owner of Makoti Down Products which was started on the farm Noorspoort. Her business is now situated in Uitenhage and produces a wide variety of quality linen and down products - visit for more details and online orders.   
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